Handling equipment
Handling equipment


The handling equipment manufactured in our company is the high performance automation equipment which is capable of the quality improvement, the labor cost reduction, and the idle time reduction.

Quenching unit


  • Standing wave type
  • Mist
  • Spray

Anti-deformation by quenching



  • FastnessDeadcycle minimum
  • ConnectivityFast Linkage
  • Precision Preventing product quality damage

Platen Saw
(Cutting machine)

The fast and exact cut of the extrusion product

Scrap minimization

Horizontal/Vertical type

Cooling & Conveyor table

Cooling enough with cooling fan installation

Process transfer of extruded product

Use of felt with heat resistance temperature of 500℃ or more


Bittling correction

Deformation correction

residual stress removal

  • 1, 2, and unmanned work possible
  • pressure control
  • distance control

Final cutting
(Cutting machine)

Exact dimension cutting

Exactly right angle

Safety System

Chip anti-lacerative system

Cutting oil injection system

Auto stacker

Automatic loading transport system

Fast and effective drive